Building E-Commerce Sales: How to Improve Revenue

Increasing revenue is a priority for any business; when you run an eCommerce store, your goal is to grow sales via your website and related applications. You might employ a wide variety of strategies for increasing your sales, from offering site visitors a...

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Why Storytelling is So Important for Your Brand

Stories around the campfire have always bonded people, enhanced loyalty, encouraged communication and acted as an essential channel for sharing history and current events. For today's marketers, consumers in the global village still gather and exchange information....

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How eBay and Amazon Could Help Improve Your Site’s Rankings

As Google continues to alter its mighty search algorithms to better push targeted and relevant content to the forefront of their search results, savvy web marketers must change their tactics to keep up in the rankings. The search highway is littered with techniques of...

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Are You Reaching Your Target Market? If Not, Here’s How

  In order for your business to have a solid foundation, you must take steps to determine your typical customer and develop your marketing strategy around them. With the economy still recovering and advertising budgets shrinking, targeted marketing is only...

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Tips for Using Google Adwords

Using Google Adwords to promote your business and pull in more sales is a no-brainer for many businesses, especially those just starting out who may not have a large advertising budget to work with. This innovative form of online advertising is built on the premise of...

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