Using Google Adwords to promote your business and pull in more sales is a no-brainer for many businesses, especially those just starting out who may not have a large advertising budget to work with. This innovative form of online advertising is built on the premise of pay-per-click, or PPC, marketing. The simplest explanation of PPC marketing is this: your ad shows up in search queries, consumers click on it, and you get the business. Check out these tips on how to use Google Adwords to your business’s advantage.


How it Works

When you advertise with Google you’re putting your business in front of the largest potential audience out there—Google has an enormous share of the search engine market. That kind of exposure is invaluable, especially when you think of the many millions of people who surf the web each day. Any number of those people may be in need of your services at any given moment, and Google Adwords is the quickest way to find them.

A lot of your success depends on your Quality Score, which is how effectively an ad group, keywords, ad, and landing page relate to a particular search and how likely any give person is to click on that ad. Whenever someone performs a Google search, an Adwords auction is generated, and each advertiser with a keyword match competes in this auction. You’re essentially competing for the top spot against other businesses that sell or offer the same thing yours does. Some businesses spend major money promoting their ad campaigns, and others spend just a bit and employ a great deal of cleverness to generate similar results. It all depends how dedicated you are to exposure and how well you know how to use the tools at hand.


Relevant Keywords

For the biggest bang for your buck, you’ll want to use relevant and effective keywords within your ad text. The keywords can be bolded, helping your ad catch the eye of searchers. But don’t go overboard. Keep the number of times you use your keywords to a minimum within each ad. It’s best to create several smaller ads with fewer keywords in each rather than to over saturate a larger ad with too many.


Go Big!

Initially, it’s wise to bid high so you can generate clicks. This will help your placement in terms of your click through rate, also known as CTR. When you include a higher bid, your ad has a better chance of being spotted. Once your click through rate climbs, you can lower it.


Match Your Landing Pages

When including a link for your ad, don’t just default to the home page. Instead, direct the search to the exact page on your site that is relevant to the search term in question. Specific landing pages are weighted differently in Google’s search algorithms, and linking directly to a relevant page will be to your advantage.


Stay Focused

Keeping your target audience in mind when writing ads is key. As such, ensure your ad attracts the attention of your target audience, generates interest, convinces customers they need your product and leads them to take action.

When you keep these tips in mind for generating your Google Adwords campaign, you will be better positioned for success.

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