Website visitors are finicky. They want to see fresh content that piques their interest whenever they visit; they don’t want to see the same stale stock images and static text. Essentially, they want to be wowed. Regularly updated content keeps your site’s visitors coming back to your website, which is why you can’t let your site stagnate. This means you have to present a high-value, informative site for readers and ensure that your site can adapt to any of the devices your customers may be using at the moment. If ease of navigation is hindered or you lack compelling content, your readers will simply leave and go somewhere else. Complacency is a sure ticket to obscurity, so be sure your web content is constantly evolving to meet the needs of your customers. Check out the advantages of regularly updating your website’s content.


Be as Versatile as Possible

These days more and more users are viewing sites on their tablets and phones; the average American adult spends 34 hours per month surfing the web from a mobile device, compared to just 27 hours per month on a desktop computer. This is where mobile website design—or even better, responsive web design—comes in, allowing your users to get the same functionality and usability from your site no matter what device they use to access it. This is being lauded as the ideal way to steadily grow your customer base, as it allows for a certain fluidity and ease of access that people in an increasingly mobile society crave.


Keep Updating Your Site with Relevant Information

Yes, you want to sell your products and services on your site; that’s a given. But it’s incredibly important to make sure what’s on your site isn’t just fluff and calls to action. This is where relevant, compelling content comes in. A reader can spot an unmaintained, stale website a mile away and will steer clear. There’s nothing worse than visiting a site to seek information only to be met with newsletters that are months old, deals that have expired and news that is so yesterday. An abandoned website doesn’t make the reader feel good and may even make them distrustful of the products or services that are on

Even if you don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to writing fresh content daily, at a minimum you need to make sure your content is well written, your promotions are up to date, your updated seasonal hours are prominently displayed and that your calendar is accurate. This also means your blogs should be updated weekly or monthly, reflecting up-to-the-minute, relevant and accurate information about issues relating to your business. If you don’t have time to maintain a blog on your own, consider partnering with freelance writers or even a content management company to make sure your site has enough fresh, updated content to stay relevant in search engine rankings.


Choose a Fresh Layout and Graphics

To guard against your site becoming too predictable, consider switching up your layout, text and graphics placement. Readers will grow tired of the same layout after a while, but be wary of making so many changes at once that your site is no longer recognizable. No matter how many changes you plan to make, it’s crucial to ensure that your site reflects the true nature of your company, what you sell and what you can offer your customers. It helps to have colorful graphics, compelling text placement, and a fresh layout that’s interesting and innovative. Making your site visitor-friendly is imperative to capture the interest of anyone who happens just to be passing through. It’s simple: if they like what they see, they will stay.


Attract more people and retain your existing customers with fresh website content. Updating your site regularly is important for many reasons, chief among them being that search engines give preference to sites that are full of dynamic, constantly changing fresh content.




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