Digital marketing may not be a household phrase, but in the world of marketing, there’s nothing more exciting or important. Broken down to its most basic elements, digital marketing is essentially brand promotion on 21st century electronic media. It combines popular channels like Twitter and Facebook with modern marketing methods that enable you to analyze campaign progress in real time.

Digital marketing is distinguished by this real time analysis, which makes it possible to rapidly make corrections and improvements to your campaigns in a way that’s virtually impossible to emulate in more traditional marketing. Long story short, digital marketing is about engaging consumers on their computers, phones, or other digital devices.

Why Digital Marketing?
Consumers are more empowered than ever before. More and more consumers have smartphones, and are only a few taps away from business information, product reviews, and a global marketplace of competition. Many of the traditional marketing practices that work so well in less interactive platforms don’t work as well on the Internet. At the same time, digital marketing is cost effective, has a potential reach that drastically outspans all alternatives, and is simple and intuitive enough for businesses of any size to try.

A Deeper Look at Digital
Digital marketing can be broken into the categories of pull or push marketing. Push marketing describes most traditional marketing. Marketers send unsolicited messages, whether it’s an ad on a website or an email, and try to push the recipient into a response. By contrast, pull marketing involves consumers proactively seeking out the marketing material, pulled to its sense of value. When your business posts a single Tweet that gets retweeted by your readers 30,000 times, that’s pull marketing.

Popular Digital Marketing Strategies
Within push and pull we can look even deeper and examine some of the gears that make digital marketing so remarkably effective. Specifically it’s worth putting the spotlight on social media marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, display advertising, video advertising, content marketing, website SEO, and marketing apps. Apart from giving you a sample of the variety available to the full gamut of strategies available, nearly every member of this list is a strategy specifically designed to utilize digital marketing.

Incorporating Digital and Traditional
Internet marketing campaigns are often mistakenly designed and launched in isolation from a brand’s traditional campaigns. This can be a dire and often costly mistake from a marketing perspective. Suffice to say that without properly integrating all of your marketing efforts into a single unified force, none of your campaigns will reach their peak potential.

Successfully incorporating traditional marketing into digital marketing demands a firm understanding of the digital landscape, because each of the elements of digital marketing has a subtly different relationship to traditional marketing. Although you can’t pick up a complete understanding of that in three paragraphs, you can skip right to the point — your campaign’s voice and goals should be consistent across all channels.

There are plenty of reasons for unification within the digital spectrum. Social networking, SEO, and PPC advertising naturally work together as a unified force in a way that has no clear parallel in traditional marketing. But inconsistencies between your digital marketing and traditional marketing can pollute your brand’s image in a way that is actively detrimental to both campaigns. These inconsistencies can destroy the most important aspect of any brand, trustworthiness, which the consumer closely identifies with a brand’s image. The messages and themes of your traditional marketing should work to reinforce your digital efforts.

The Big Picture
The differences between more traditional marketing and digital marketing have crystallized over the past decade as the Internet has become a growing part of consumer life. But like with any form of marketing, the bottom line of this issue is increasing your conversions or revenue, and to that extent, digital marketing has been proven to deliver.

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