If your exposure to email marketing has primarily been as the recipient of unwanted spam messages, you may have developed some negative feelings about the medium. But issued correctly, email marketing can be one of the most cost-effective and potent agents in any marketing campaign. This is true not only in terms of benefits for your SEO, but also in terms of your ROI. Below you’ll find the top reasons why email marketing remains an indispensable part of marketing on the Internet, as well as a discussion of several ways in which it can enhance the existing marketing practices of your business.

The Reach of Email

Email marketing allows you direct access to one of the places that nearly everyone uses multiple times a day: their email inbox! There are more than 3 billion email accounts in use today, with more than 95% of all Internet consumers using email, and 91% using those accounts on a daily basis. Even the most popular social networks have only a fraction of the reach that email can offer.


Email marketing can be an effective means of driving visitors to your site. Not only can email help you capture return visits that otherwise would’ve never happened, they’re also an effective means of improving how share-worthy your content is. Email copy that leads your readers to highly targeted landing pages can also increase engagement with your content in a way that few other marketing strategies can compete with.

Email ROI

Compared to any traditional direct mail campaign, email marketing is phenomenally cheap. Where traditional campaigns require printing, handling, postage, and the like, emails can be sent to thousands of recipients at virtually no cost. And unlike direct mail campaigns, because email marketing can be targeted to very specific groups that have already demonstrated an interest in your message, it’s no wonder that 66% of marketers have called the ROI from email marketing ”good” or “excellent”.

PPC Advertising

From the millions of businesses that use Facebook advertising every day, to the billions of dollars Google earns every year from AdWords, the numbers don’t lie. Paid advertising has proven itself to be an effective aid in the quest to generate leads for your business. Combining PPC with email marketing can help ensure that those leads become long term customers when they subscribe to your email list. The marriage of PPC advertising and email campaigns can also expand your reach into the market by allowing you to capture leads in the earliest stages of the purchasing cycle, allowing you to gradually convert them into sales for your business.


The average lifespan of marketing on social media sites can often be measured in minutes. That means from the time you post a link to your content on your Facebook or Twitter account, it may only be three or four hours until that post slips beyond the visibility of readers and nearly ceases to provide you with returns. On the other hand, when you send an email, that email doesn’t disappear until it’s been opened or deleted. And if you manage to master the ability to write compelling headlines (something that’s been studied extensively in marketing literature), you can help ensure that your message will actually come into contact with your intended audience.

This isn’t to say that social media and email marketing are at odds with each other. On the contrary, email marketing can help you capture leads from social media sites by obtaining the contact information necessary to generate highly targeted emails. Email marketing can also work in reverse by helping you promote your social media pages. It all depends on how you design your campaign, what you want to achieve, and how you want to use the synergistic relationship between email marketing and social media marketing to your advantage.


Running a successful email marketing campaign may only require that you write one or two emails per month, and much of their copy may be stripped directly from content you’re already producing for your site. Moreover, with a little practice, anyone can write an effective email, because tracking the success of email marketing is incredibly easy.

Unlike more traditional marketing campaigns, email marketing allows you to collect intimate details about the open rate for your messages, the click through rate of your links, the conversions produced by your content, and ultimately the ROI of your efforts. Prepared with that wealth of information, it’s possible to actively work to tweak and refine your campaign to improve on the elements that are working and fix those that aren’t. In many ways this is the greatest strength of email marketing, because even as amateur, anyone with the time and energy to try and refine their email marketing can ultimately create a winning campaign.

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