What is AdWords?
AdWords is Google’s advertising platform and principle source of revenue, earning them approximately 97 percent of their revenue last year. AdWords helps web developers to participate in the countless searches performed on Google every day by drawing traffic to their websites by placing ads adjacent to relevant Google searches. You don’t have to sell products to get the most out of AdWords; if you’re looking to attract readers or promote affiliate products, AdWords can help.

Attract New Customers
Even if your website isn’t in the top results for any given search term, AdWords gives you the opportunity to make your content visible for given search terms. If your blog is part of a broad or populated niche, you may find it virtually impossible to get on the first page of Google’s search results even after years of trying, but it takes only seconds and a few cents with AdWords. And not only does AdWords connect you to users who use Google searches, individuals can also sign up for the AdWords program to host Google ads on their websites.

Targeted Advertisements
If blogging is your business, it may be necessary to invest in that businesses like you would in any other. While many traditional marketing options seem useless for promoting a blog, AdWords remains a viable option not only due to its cost but also its ability to dig up targeted niche traffic for your ads.

Google wants to offer the best possible relevant search results as incentive for people to use their search engine. Similarly, Google wants everyone who uses their AdWords program to succeed, because that’s how they get paid. It would make no sense to place aquarium advertisements on fitness websites, and neither company would be likely to see much profit. That’s why Google uses the full might of its search engine database to help select the ideal place among millions of options for all advertisements.

Affordable with Strong ROI
AdWords makes it easy to manage your advertising budget; you simply select the most you’re willing to spend, and you only pay whenever someone actually clicks your ad and consequently visits your website. Because you only pay for actual clicks, AdWords are an exceptionally cost effective means of advertising online—almost comparing with e-mail marketing for cost-efficiency.

As a blogger, your foremost aim must be to gather readership. With AdWords, it is likely (depending on your niche) you can collect over a thousand visits for less than ten dollars. If you’re able to develop a five or ten percent conversion rate, you have only to ask yourself if ten dollars is worth 50 or 100 new permanent readers.

AdWords Tips and Tricks
Trying to run a successful AdWords campaign isn’t brain surgery, but it does take a little bit of planning. It may sound counter-intuitive, but getting as many clicks as possible isn’t the goal of your AdWords campaign. You’re out for quality rather than just quantity—you want visitors that will become a part of your community. This means understanding your demographics and designing your ad to draw in some clicks while you repel others.

This often requires trial and error in order to discover just how to reach out for a stellar conversion rate, but this shouldn’t be mistaken for taking shots in the dark. Just like you would expect of Google, AdWords offers no shortage of data to help you make all the right decisions; all you need is an AdWords account to make them.

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